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We can also customize a storm water management system for your specific needs. Ask us how we can help you!

Drain tile installation

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Retention/Detention Pond Management

Do you have a storm water problem?

That was the major focus for us on this Ann Arbor, MI landscape. Here you can see a new atrium style drain to capture the rainwater from the driveway and safely transport it to the wetland area at the back of the property where it can slowly return to the soil instead or eroding the slope. There is also a similar drain beneath the deck to guide water that drains from the gutters to the tile underneath the landscaping. 

Storm Water Management Options

Custom Storm Water Management

RainXchange Rainwater Harvest Systems

Because the water in the RainXchange System is constantly
moving, being aerated, preventing stagnation and growth of unhealthy bacteria
it becomes a sanctuary for wildlife. Capturing rainwater to operate a
decorative water feature creates true self-sustainability, drastically reducing
the need for chemically-treated traditional water sources. While enjoying the
benefits of a decorative water feature, it can also be used to water your
landscape. A small pump is connected to the stored water making it convenient
to do so.

The RainXchange adds the beauty of a water feature to an efficient system

for capturing, filtering, and reusing our most precious resource!

Ask us on how we can help you install a RainXchange System in your yard!


RainXchange Rain Barrel

 The rain barrel can be incorporated into existing gutter and drainage systems
Water restriction do not apply to rain barrels. Storing rain water allows you to keep gardens growing during
watering restricton and reduce the burden for municipal water.  Rain water is better for plants than municipally treated water. 

Large 75-gallon capacity
5-year warranty
requires no electricity 
Lid can also be used as a planter
Thick plastic walls are durable and will withstand extreme conditions
Childproof lockable lid
Brass spigot for garden hose connection