Cory Mann in Dexter, MI on Houzz

This is the second project, although completely different from the first, that we hired Poseidon to do. Always dreaming about having the vernal pond at the bottom of our wooded hillside turned into a "real" pond, we talked with many pond builders. Most wanted to bring in large equipment, take out forty or fifty old grow trees and generally make a mess of our forest. Cory had a different approach, he laid out a plan that would require a full year to complete, working through the seasons. He brought us his in depth research of various types of water gates and then with our approval built a channel to drain the water off. When the bed was dry, his team, cleared the heavy brush growth and fallen trees. They built a over-flow system of stone, which is very attractive, and let mother mature fill our new pond site this spring. We could not be happier! Our vernal pond is large, beautiful and such a joy to look at every morning. We enjoy watching our new flock of wood ducks and mallards. Poseidon treats (with natural products) for leave and debris build up monthly to keep our pond looking great in it's natural setting. We love it and loved working with Cory, Eric, Jackie and the team. And we didn't have to lose a single tree!!

Dexter, MI

Poseidon ponds just installed an awesome firepit. I wanted something natural so it would blend in with my pond. It took about 2 1/2 days and it turned out great. We used black fire glass so the it would look natural. 
This company is very dependable and have done pond features and landscaping for me for the last 4 years. Great company!

B. Logie

Ann Arbor, MI

We USED to spend SO many hours and SO much money taking care of our pond, adding expensive algicide, raking so much muck and algae - until 3 years ago, when I discovered POSEIDON. They have been actually clearing the pond of algae and muck with newer, environmentally sound products - it's beautiful all year. They show up every month without me having to lift a finger - I HIGHLY recommend this company.

Sally Johnson

Dexter, MI 

Our Memorial Garden was in need of major refreshing after 19 years of simple maintenance care. Poseidon met with us then brought a lovely plan of action back for our OK. They restored the garden to a beautiful place to rest and reflect, 
We will continue to use them for spring and fall care so our garden will continue to look its best.

Dexter United Methodist Church

Cory Mann of Poseidon Ponds & Landscaping created a plan for our backyard that includes a miniature pondless waterfall. The design he developed fits our contoured backyard very well and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. Cory worked with us to provide an attractive landscape design within our budget. Work was completed on time and at a fair price. I highly recommend this company.

Mary Gibbons

Ann Arbor, MI

I have been very happy with all the staff on Poseidon especially Cory Mann, Eric Wilcox & Jackie Grow.

They are always very prompt, courteous, knowlegeable, helpful & professional. Their work is excellent and their pricing is very fair.

After a tornado hit our Dexter home in 2012, we had Posideon do extensivve work around our home & were very happy with the results. They come back every year to help us with more plantings, mulching & edging.

Jo Dolecki

Dexter, MI

Cory – Poseidon Ponds

​This year I contracted a landscaper to revamp my backyard. I wanted to include an additional 8’ diameter brick patio, which would include moving a lot of existing plantings, and add a water feature. The company gave me a plan, we approved it and we agreed to a three-month time frame to complete the project. I thought all was well until 2 weeks before the agreed upon completion date when only about 1/3 of the work was done. I was extremely anxious due to the fact that the completion date was only one day before I was hosting an outside wedding shower on our deck and “new” patio. Many, many phone calls later the company did send out a crew the week of my event. I was then told that they would not be able to even start the water feature before the agreed upon completion date, they would however complete the new patio, move existing plantings and make the back yard suitable for my party. I can’t even describe the destruction that was created in making of our patio. If you can imagine 1⁄2 of our lawn had to be replaced just from the machinery that was used to make the patio. The company not only tore up our yard, they also cut most of our irrigation lines and landscape lighting lines. I had this company finish a punch list and asked them to not start the water feature that we would contract someone else.

​So our “hunt” began for another company to complete my backyard vision. With the prior experience I’ve just described you can imagine I was tired of contractors and wanted to wait until next spring before I was ready to begin again with any other contractor. 

When I contacted Poseidon Ponds, I spoke with Cory Mann. He was very pleasant and understood my situation. I sent him our current landscape design so he would have some idea of what we wanted to achieve. Cory and I set a meeting date and what happened next completely impressed both my husband and myself. The day of our meeting Cory had not only had a complete plan in mind, he also had a drawing of his own and presented us with a proposal. He mentioned he had an opening for this job at the end of September. I was leery of having our backyard torn up and not being able to enjoy the rest of the summer without construction. Cory stated without question that if we hired his company, they would only take 3 days and would not tear up our yard with any equipment. He and his crew would only use wheel barrels. We finally decided to hire Poseidon Ponds and I must say Cory was true to his word. He and 3 other men only used wheel barrels, did not tear up any of our landscaping and took only 3 days to complete our beautiful water feature. It’s amazing how Cory could envision and create something that I had only in my mind. It’s very pleasant to find an entire crew to be knowledgeable in their area as well as professional and polite. These are truly very talented people.I would highly recommend this man and his company to anyone.

​Kathy Digirolamo
Novi, Michigan

We first met Cory Mann at a home and garden show. My husband and I were looking into landscaping our 'backyard'. Our home sits on 13 acres and was a corn field so thing....lots of flat, no trees. Cory worked with our landscape designer Steve Shank, who designed our patio and non-water features, to design and create an oasis of beauty in our backyard that looks like it has been there for years. Each year it only gets better. My hubby and I don't know much about ponds and keeping them healthy, but with Poseidon P&L we don't need to :-) Cory has always had top-notch customer service, even coming out after hours when we had a pond concern. We ENJOY the heck out of the Pond Protection Program (tripple P). I call them my pond elves - we come home and someone has magically cleaned and maintained our pond. I even get an email report. Scrubs the rocks, makes sure the pond plants are all healthy, maintains water health (there is a more technical term I'm sure). We have Poseidon open our pond in the Spring, keep it clean and healthy all season, and then they close it in the late fall. All we are left to do is enjoy the sound of the water, watching our fish, seeing the lilies bloom, and count how many frogs we see (my favorite). Please feel free to get our address from Cory and his crew if you'd like to come out and see our pond. We like to show it off!

Teresa Keppler

Dexter, MI 

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