Pond Opening & Pond Closing

Poseidon offers different opening and closing services to fit your type of water feature in the Southeast, Michigan area. Click on the links below to get a full description of what we do for your water feature upon our visit.

  • Pond Opening/Start-Up Description
  • Pondless Waterfall Opening/Start-Up Description
  • Outdoor Fountain Opening/Start-Up Description
  • Skimmer & Biofalls Cleaning Only/Start-Up Description
  • Aeration System Check Up/Start-Up Description
  • Pond Closing and Shut Down Basic Service Description

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Common Myths & Questions About Pond Maintenance

If you want to work in harmony with Mother Nature instead of doing battle with her, then draining and cleaning your pond should take place once a year. Clean-outs should occur in the spring.

No, your pond is a living, breathing ecosystem that needs constant oxygen. If you shut your system down at night, then you can never have sufficient growth of beneficial bacteria to fight algae blooms, and your fish friends will have a hard time breathing. You can shut down a pondless waterfall system whenever you’d like because there is no ecosystem depending on the circulation.

Actually rock and gravel bottoms offer a natural place for aerobic bacteria to colonize and set up housekeeping. This bacteria breaks down fish waste and debris that would otherwise accumulate in the pond and turn into sludge.
UV clarifiers are one of the ways to keep your pond water clear, but certainly not the only way, and arguably not the natural way. The fact is that if you have a pond that is naturally balanced, you don’t need a UVC at all.
Not true, there are thousands of two feet deep ponds around the country, full of happy and healthy koi. The water in a two foot deep pond will generally only freeze eight inches down, even in the coldest of climates, because of the insulating qualities of the earth that surrounds the pond. Fish do fine during the coldest of winters as long as you give them two feet of water to swim in, oxygenate the water, and keep a hole in the ice with a de-icer, allowing the naturally produced gasses to escape from under the ice.
Yes you can. You will have more leaves in your pond in the fall but, by the same token, the trees provide shade that will help minimize the algae bloom in the summer. If you have a skimmer sucking the top quarter inch of water off the top of your pond, it will pull most of the leaves and related debris into the skimmer net which you can empty easily. Also, you can purchase a leaf net or have a leaf net structure constructed over your pond by us during the fall months to help keep as many leaves out of your pond as possible.

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