Ponds, Waterfalls and Outdoor Fountains

Poseidon offers several water feature maintenance options. We have programs and services for small lined ponds, large back yard or retention/detention ponds, pondless waterfalls and outdoor fountains. Our program is called the Pond Preservation Program. Our goal is to help you maintain the perfect environment for a healthy pond. We assess each unique pond individually because no two features are the alike.

Our Pond Preservation Program is designed to balance the ecosystem in and around your pond or water feature. All the treatments we use are natural and do not involve chemicals. The four key components to a healthy ecosystem pond (Big or Small) are:

  • Beneficial Bacteria
  • Oxygen
  • Plants
  • Fish

Pond Cleaning and Fall Pond Netting

Protect your pond each year from leaves and debris falling into it. We can construct a custom leaf net structure for your pond. We install them from late September to mid October and take them down in November. Contact us today to help protect your pond from falling leaves.

Pond nets are the perfect solution to keeping leaves and organic debris out of your pond during the fall. Get your water feature ready for Fall with a custom leaf pond net by Poseidon.

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We strive to create the best plan for your lifestyle and water feature.

Small Pond Program

Each bi-weekly or monthly visit includes:

  • Complete system check (checking pumps, IonGen system, emptying skimmer baskets, adjusting and testing lights)
  • Removal of surface algae
  • Scrubbing waterfall rocks once a month
  • Removal of inorganic debris (trash)
  • Cutting and removal of dead plant material or thinning of aquatic plants as needed
  • Beneficial bacteria that promotes a healthy ecosystem will be added

Large Pond Program

Each bi-weekly or monthly visit includes:

  • Skimming and removal of floating surface algae
  • Cutting and Removal of dead plant material within pond
  • Assessment of inflow and outflow structures within the pond
  • Removal of inorganic debris (trash)
  • Beneficial bacteria added which promotes water clarity, and organic debris breakdown
  • Muck reducing treatment added
  • Site Specific processes (i.e. submerged weed cutting)

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