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Outdoor Fountains & Fountainscapes

Fountains can be the perfect water feature for the homeowner that wants to add the noise and visual effect of water but does not want the maintenance of a pond or pondless waterfall. Fountains can add that extra unique look and sound to any ordinary garden or backyard landscape. They are also a great accent piece to a front yard, courtyard or plaza.

Landscape fountains come in many different sizes, styles and materials. We offer several options of fountains from prefabricated fountains, basalt columns or hand drilled bubbling boulders. At Poseidon we can help you choose the right feature for your specific space, budget, garden style and maintenance preferences.

Decorative Fountain for Any Space

Have you ever wondered what it was like to have a pond or water feature but didn’t have the space or not sure if it would be the right fit for you and your lifestyle? Patio Ponds are the perfect solution. They come in a few different sizes and shapes. You can design them however you would like. They are the perfect hobby for children. You can have fish, plants and running water on your back patio, porch or balcony.

A container water garden can almost be made out of anything that has the ability to hold water. Aquascape offers some prefabricated water gardening bowls that can be purchased and set up through Poseidon Ponds & Landscaping. We also have the ability to assist you in creating the perfect container water garden out of any desired container you have that can hold water. Contact us today if you are interested in starting a Water Garden hobby.

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