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We are constantly posting new photos and videos on our social media channels. We are proud of what we do and love to share it with people and fellow water feature enthusiasts. Our social media connections do not stop with simply sharing our pond and decorative fountain projects.

In addition to seeing the Poseidon Pond and Landscape Team transforming boring yards into amazing landscapes, you can learn a few things as well. Cory and Team Poseidon share tips and tricks, and also share their expertise with water features. You can easily watch the process of building a water feature or check out the ways to clean a fountain or learn how to save water during maintenance.

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The Poseidon Ponds & Landscaping channel is designed to educate, entertain and share within the world of landscaping, water features and horticulture. We have many special videos designed to help our clients solve their landscaping and water feature issues as well as great tips and tricks to make things easy. On our channel you can find videos on different ideas for landscaping and water features while learning how they work and how they are built. Look for videos on plants and animals we come across or some of the beautiful natural areas we are visiting that inspire the work we do.

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Poseidon Ponds was created to transform your outdoor living spaces into vibrant, peaceful, and relaxing areas for you and your family to enjoy. In business since 2012, our staff provides outstanding customer service for all of your water gardening needs. We specialize in natural-looking ecosystem ponds, waterfalls, water gardens, pond maintenance, water treatments and aquatic plants.

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